Ijaw Women of America INC. (IWA) is a Non-Profit Organization that encompasses American Citizens and U.S. Residents of Ijaw decent.  Our mission is to liberate, educate and empower ALL Ijaw women at home and abroad.  This is a peaceful and professional Organization that promotes self-awareness and an educated mindset for all IJAW women.

We are interested in discussing and resolving issues that concern the progress of all Ijaw Women.  We work towards the resolutions of these issues at home and abroad in a peaceful manner.  We are concerned about the current challenges that most Ijaw Women face in their homes, workplaces and in the society at large.  We are mostly concerned about challenges that our women face back home in our priceless Ijaw land that is exploited and left behind by the Nigerian government and oil companies.  We seek to maintain and preserve our rich culture, history, heritage,  language, and dialects that are fast becoming extinct.

We know that we are not victims or victimized, we search for the potential of the average Ijaw woman and propel her to her SUCCESSFUL height in every area of her life.

IWA - Ijaw Women of America Inc. comprises of all Ijaw speaking women from the seven Ijaw states, that are marginalized.  These Ijaw areas are the poorest areas in Nigeria and directly touch the Atlantic Ocean geographically.


Our members are directly or indirectly from the following Ijaw speaking States of Nigeria:


1. Ondo      2. Edo      3. Delta      4. Bayelsa      5. Rivers     6. Akwa-Ibom     7. Cross Rivers

Our areas of opportunity include the delopment of Ijaw land, good roads, infrastructure, clean water, health, education and freedom for the next generation.  We intend NOT to be victims but rather be VICTORIOUS amongst all odds.  Our voice matter in America. Our voice matters in Nigeria, Our voice matters in the world.

Ijaw Women of America - IWA is a membership driven Non- Profit Organization. 
Who can join us?  We are open to ALL who can identify with our mission.  If you are/were born in Ijaw land, Your parents are/were from Ijaw land or you are married to an Ijaw man then you qualify to be a member of our Organization.  We refuse to be abused, marginalized or continue to be the slaves of Nigeria.  We RISE as Ijaw women and in UNITY!

We will design various programs though our membership drive and donors to create awareness for the Ijaw Woman. We will impact not just the Ijaw Women in America but also include the Ijaw Women in the creeks of the Ijaw Nation.  Some of us have been out of our home countries for so long and not aware of the current state of affairs or mindset of the average Ijaw Woman our aim is liberate, educate inspire and motivate us to measure up with our peer around the world.​

Long Live Ijaw Women of America (IWA)
Long Live The Ijaw Nation
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria