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About IWA

Ijaw Women of America Inc. (IWA) was founded in May 2016 in Douglasville GA by Eunice Bratua Apreala.  Sister Eunice, an oncology Registered Nurse at the time saw the opportunity and the need to work closely with her fellow Ijaw sisters to create a united front for all Ijaws at home and abroad.  

In 2016, alongside sister Eunice Apreala were also Ijaw Women of America Inc. (IWA)’s co-founders sisters Deborah Dein Abbey and Timipa Okorowanta who together have been able to share their Ijaw Unity vision with the universe. At IWA’s premier Launch in October 2016, twenty-one Ijaw sisters showed up for the event in Douglasville GA.  

Today IWA is proud to announce that its membership is well over 150 members of Ijaw descent and wives of our Ijaw brothers. The rest they say is history.


Ijaw Women of America Inc. (IWA) is a tribal organization geared towards the unity of all Ijaw Women in all 50 states of the United States of America.   We are Ijaw Women who reside and earn a living in America.  The Ijaw Peoples of West Africa are riverine people found along the Atlantic Coast of West Africa from west to east.  Anywhere land touches water you will find an Ijaw community.  In Nigeria, the coastal people are found in the Niger Delta Region of the country. 


Ijaws are found in six states namely:

 1.     AKWA-IBOM State - Eastern Obolo/Ibeno etc.  

2.     BAYELSA State - Amassoma, Odi, Sagbama, Yenegoa etc. 

3.     DELTA State - Patani, Abari, Burutu, Bomadi, Tuomo, Gbaramatu etc. 

4.     EDO State -  Egbema Kingdom, Gelegele, Ofunama etc

5.     ONDO State - Apoi/Arogbo etc.

6.     RIVERS State, Okrika, Kalabari, Andoni, Opobo, Bonny, etc.     


We believe we still have communities in LAGOS State - the Mahins, Ilajes, Maroko, and Makoko people who are believed to be Ijaws.  Some Efik royal houses in present-day CROSS-RIVER State are also believed to be Ijaws or are of Ijaw origin.  However, due to political reasons, Ijaws in Nigeria are found in the six states mentioned above. 

Who can join us?

Ijaw Women of America Inc. (IWA) is a professional women’s organization seeking Ijaw Women who would love to work with a team of sisters who are bent on creating a difference in the universe.  Though miles away from home, we are IJAW Women and Ijaw blood flows through everything we do here in America, so we encourage ALL Ijaw Women who qualify to join us.  We strictly seek positive-minded and significant women who desire to create a difference in our time. 

To qualify to join us:

1.    Your biological parent (Father or Mother - dead or alive) MUST be an Ijaw man or woman.

2.   You must be a legal spouse (married to) of an Ijaw Man. (Ex-wives must have Ijaw children to be considered)

3.    Pay a one-time Registration Fee of $150 (One Hundred and Fifty Dollars)

Who are the IJAWS

The Ijaw tribe is the 4th largest tribe in Nigeria, without whom colonization would not have taken place in the country now called Nigeria.  Nigeria is the #1 oil-producing nation in Africa.   Nigeria produces and exports crude oil to the tune of 2.5 million barrels a day.  All the oil activities are mainly exploited in Ijaw land. 


With the dangers of oil exploitation, there are no humane rules in the oil exploitation game carried out in Nigeria.  Since the first oil well (recorded) in Oloibiri in 1943 there has not been one spillage cleanup.  Ijaw communities face environmental and health threats & loss of heritage, history, arts, and culture.

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