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The Ijaw Women of America  Inc is an organization formed by Ijaw women and run by Ijaw women for the progress of Ijaw women. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where Ijaw women can use their God-given abilities to achieve success, become stronger and more independent. 

The Ijaw Women of America is a non-partisan and non-profit organization that holds firm to the principle that the development and protection of women worldwide are part of human progress. To this effect, the development of the Ijaw girl shall be given the greatest priority. 

The Ijaw Women of America will espouse for the rights of the Ijaw girl to be protected, to expand their opportunities and to enable them attain their full potential.

The Ijaw Women of America shall promote the social, political, and economic equality of Ijaw women, in and outside Nigeria. 

The Ijaw Women of America shall ensure that adequate educational information about health care, child care and family planning are easily accessible to Ijaw women.

The Ijaw Women of America shall preserve and promote the culture, language, and arts of the Ijaw people by providing community education.

The Ijaw Women of America shall work with other women organizations in and outside Nigeria to promote peace and justice.

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