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IWA wants to spread a message of Unity, hope, love and compassion for all IJAW Communities.  We believe that a single act of love will make a difference in our world and our collective actions can greatly impact the people of Ijaw land. Through building water wells, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good of our people.



  • To UNITE ALL Ijaw women in America.

  • To EDUCATE ALL Ijaw women at all levels.

  • To CREATE awareness of our existence in America and share our current state of affairs in the creeks, and rural/urban areas of Ijaw Land and promote our civil and human rights.

  • To SUPPORT ALL Ijaw women through the sisterhood that we share.

  • To SPEAK out in ONE VOICE, in love for the benefit of ALL Ijaw Women.  

  • To BUILD one another up and to be SIGNIFICANT in the universe.

  • To PRESERVE our heritage; history, arts and culture


IWA’S Core Values

  • Ijaw Unity through sisterhood

  • The voice of Ijaws at home and abroad

  • Preserving Ijaw History, arts and culture

  • Advocating for the Ijaw Girl Child


Ijaw Women of America INC. (IWA) is a Non-Profit Organization that encompasses American Citizens and U.S. Residents whose parents are of Ijaw descent.  Our mission is to liberate, educate and edify ALL Ijaw women at home and abroad.  

IWA is a peaceful and professional Organization that promotes self-awareness and an educated mindset for all IJAW women.


We are interested in discussing and resolving issues that concern the progress of all Ijaw women.  We work towards the resolution of these issues at home and abroad in a peaceful manner.  We are concerned about the current challenges that most Ijaw Women face in their homes, workplaces, and in society at large.  We are mostly concerned about the challenges that our women face back home in our priceless Ijaw land that is exploited and left behind by the Nigerian government and oil companies. 


IWA - Ijaw Women of America Inc. membership comprises of women from the six aforementioned Ijaw states, that are marginalized, oppressed, and neglected by the Nigerian State.  These Ijaw communities are the poorest areas in Nigeria and are polluted by oil activities in the area.  We know that we are not victims or victimized, we search for the potential of the average Ijaw woman and propel her to her SUCCESSFUL height in every area of her life.


We seek to maintain and preserve our rich heritage, history, arts, culture, languages, and dialects that are fast becoming extinct.


To build A UNITED IJAW NATION for our generations to come. 

Our Mission Statement

A United Ijaw Nation WE RISE.

Our Motto

“Together WE Do Great Things”

Our Slogan





"I am committed to Ijaw Women of America INC. 

To serve and support one another in UNITY. 

To educate, edify, and build a strong sisterhood.

To create and preserve our rich heritage, history, arts, and culture.

I promise to achieve this in love, peace, and transparency


So, help me God."

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A United IJAW Nation, We Rise.

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